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You can’t beat a beet!

You can’t beat a beet!

You can’t beat a beet!

A bit of savoury colour in the bakery today!

As well as providing cupcakes and bakes for special occasions, we also supply bakes and treats to local coffee shops and at this time of year, with Christmas and New Year still fresh in everyone’s minds, it’s all about getting the balance between taste, treat and healthier options right!

Savoury muffins are a great example of a tasty bake that has a few key ingredients, but which is also easily adaptable.  In this version we’ve switched normal butter for a lower fat alternative, buttermilk for low fat natural yoghurt and the traditional cheesy, meaty fillings for fresh veg and herbs.

Beetroot is one of our favourite ingredients and it’s perfect for adding taste and interest to both sweet and savoury post-Christmas bakes. We’ve paired fresh, juicy, grated beetroot with freshly chopped coriander in these savoury muffins and what a beautiful result!  Beetroot has a lot going for it health-wise too!  It  contains antioxidants and also supports the liver, improving circulation and purifying the blood.

With so much deliciousness packed into one health-conscious little parcel, taking a step towards healthier eating has never been so much fun!  2017 is definitely looking rosy!



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