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Wedding cupcake toppers

Wedding cupcake toppers

Wedding cupcake toppers

Planning a wedding?

If you’re not a fan of fruitcake and you’re looking for a striking alternative to traditional wedding cakes, you’ve probably already thought of a cupcake display.

Did you know that we offer our wedding cupcake toppers by mail order to customers in the UK?

The featured pic shows our traditional white fondant toppers, with embossed and pearlised finish – a wedding classic. These toppers are made to order and can come in any quantity to cater for your needs.

If you’re purchasing or making your own cupcakes or cookies, they’re a time-saving, cost-effective and professionally-finished option. You can also order in advance, they have a shelf life of at least six months.

  1. 12 toppers – £15.00 plus £3.95 p&p
  2. 20 toppers – £25.00 plus £5.00 p&p
  3. 30 toppers – £37.50 plus £5.00 p&p
  4. 50 toppers – £62.50 – p&p free
  5. 75 toppers – £93.75 – p&p free
  6. 100 toppers – £125.00 – p&p free

To order or find out more get in touch via our contact page. For more designs visit our sister brand Etsy store – www.cupcaketoppersco.etsy.com.